Server Rules

  • We're not really a fan of long set of rules that most players will probably not remember anyway so we'll sum it up in 2 rules.

    1. Love & Respect Thy neighbor.

    Give respect and love to your co players. A few trash talks to keep the game competitive is okay, but do know that everyone has their own real life problems and we're all here to have fun. So try to keep in minimum and always think that on the other side of that character is another human being that could be hurt or depressed because of what you said. How much is enough, will be decided by the staff if you get reported.

    2. Love Thy Server. If you're playing this server, chances are you like this server. So please try not to do things that would hurt the server. Such as Real money trading, creating dramas, and other silly stuffs. If you do not like the server, please leave us in peace thank you.

    This are the only core rules this server will follow, and it covers most of other rules you'll see in a huge long text in other servers not because it is not written doesn't mean its okay. Let's treat each other with deep respect, and allow everyone to have fun.

    The staff reserves the right to banish anyone who would be a toxic/cancer to the players and the server itself. Rest assured that this will be done with proper reasons and with evidences. So we encourage getting yourself familiarized with the screenshot button/recording button so that you may easily report anyone who violates these rules.

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