A very important update about UnrealRO

  • Hello UnrealRO players!

    We're sure you've been wondering what's coming to UnrealRO and what the future is, as well as when launch will be. As a dynamic server, we've taken in all information, reports, suggestions and determinations.
    We would like to announce that the HR server will be closing down in about 2 days from now so that changes can be made before the next phase.

    HR will be undergoing the majority of changes. HR will become a Pre-Renewal server, which will remove all Renewal instances, cards and other related items. 3rd Jobs and Extended Jobs will keep on working and we will continue to polish them so that they will be balanced in Pre-Renewal setting. As of now, HR is pretty much using the Pre-Renewal already, but other Renewal items are causing imbalances so we decided to remove them for good.
    Renewal Instances will be re-implemented in the future as a way to get more Unreal Points.

    When HR gets back, we will still be working under the beta status as these changes are made, they will need to be tested.

    HR's database will be wiped so that these changes can be implemented.
    The HR server will be taken down for 2 weeks, we'll then be back online as beta again for 2-3 weeks of testing, upon successful results, we'll officially launch a week after the beta's closure.

    MR will not be affected, it will continue to be online and you can play on MR while HR is under redevelopment, the MR database will stay intact.
    We understand that these changes may be drastic and many will not want to continue with us, please know that we respect your decision and we'll miss you. For everyone that continues with us, thank you so much for your continued support and we can't wait for you to try the new beta with us!

    The UnrealRO Team

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