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    Location: Silicon Valley, in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California, is home to many start-up and global technology companies. Apple, Facebook and Google are among the most prominent.
    Specs: Intel i7-7700K, 4c/8t - 4.2GHz /4.5GHz, 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
    Daily Backups: Our server will automatically backup your data to a different server daily to ensure minimal lost in an event where disk failures/ or unforeseen events that may lead to data lost.

    HR: Genesis

    Rates: x10k/x10k/x10k/10%(MvP Cards)
    MaxLevel: 270/100
    Environment: Pre-Renewal with 3rd Jobs, and Renewal Items(some are modified to be balanced with Pre-Renewal), Renewal Instances
    Episode: Mixed features from 14-16(not everything is added)
    HP/SP Rate: x10 , HP/SP Recovery Rate is boosted as well
    HP/SP based Skills: Only Original(x1) HP SP are calculated
    Renewal EDP,ASPD,Cast,EXP,Drop rate & Def are all disabled.
    MvP Instant respawn
    3rd Jobs Damage Rate: x1
    Trans Job Damage Rate: x3
    2-1,2-2 Damage Rate: x6
    MvP Cards: Enabled

    MR: Lumina

    Rates: x100/x100/x25
    MaxLevel: 99/70
    Environment: Ep 13.2 Pre-renewal(up to Trans Job Only)
    MvP Cards Disabled

    Core Features

    These features exists on both Highrate and Midrate Unreal Servers
    Unified Shop: Quests, Event items, BG Custom Rewards & Donation Items(those with effects) & other custom items with effects are all located in our Unreal Shop. If you're unlucky with cards, you can just quest,bg,win events for it too.
    Balanced Donator vs Non Donator: You can obtain donation items by quests and joining events.
    Guild Master Bonus: Leader's will have additional stats per online members up to 5 online members max.

    PK Features
    Extended Battlegrounds: Deathmatch
    Extended WoE: Rewards Longest Defender more than Castle Owner.
    Extended KoE: Longest Defender wins instead of Emperium Owner.

    Auto Events
    Infinity Tower
    Poring Catcher
    Find Plant

    Promo Features
    Instant Job Changer[HR]
    Instant MaxLevel[HR]
    Automated Solo Pack and Gpack NPCs[HR]
    Free account bound donation items[HR+MR]

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